The Application of Smart City and Intelligent Pedestrian Zebra Crossing Ground Traffic Light

Project Location : Spain


Project Product : Pedestrian Zebra Crossing Ground Traffic Light


Product Design

 In road traffic safety accidents, many accidents occur on zebra crossings with poor visibility, especially at night with headlights on full beam backgrounds and foggy and snowy weather. It is difficult for drivers to see the road clearly, which can easily lead to accidents. To avoid the occurrence of the above situation, it is necessary to provide a pedestrian indicator light and control system that can be installed on the road or zebra crossing and has a warning effect on both drivers and pedestrians.Installing pedestrian zebra crossing ground traffic light can also beautify the city.


Features :

 1.The shell is formed by die casting of high strength alloy aluminium.

2.The shell surface is added with anti-skid design.

3.The surface is processed by special technology and can be configured with different colors according to different scenes.

4.High brightness lamp beads from well-known manufacturers are used to ensure brightness and service life.

5.With built-in switch power supply, wide voltage input can be realized and brightness is not affected by line loss.

6.Flexible working mode, can directly supply power or cooperate with the control host to achieve single point, network control.


Configuration Scheme :

 1. When pedestrians pass through the intelligent zebra crossing on the sidewalk, light up the pedestrian zebra crossing traffic light, and promptly remind passing vehicles to slow down at night and in poor lighting. Reduce or avoid traffic accidents.

2. When pedestrians or non motorized vehicles cross the road on a zebra crossing and are obstructed by large vehicles, the pedestrian zebra crossing traffic light remind car drivers in the blind area of the second and third lanes that someone has passed through, reducing the risk of "ghost probe" accidents.

3. The color of the pedestrian zebra crossing traffic light can be selected as a combination of red, yellow, and green or a mixed color, and it can be set to cooperate with the traffic lights at the intersection.


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