Do Aliens Also Need Traffic Signal Lights?

  Photographs sent back by NASA's Mars Rover Curiosity has aroused heated discussion.In the picture,it can be seen clearly there is a stones shaped like traffic signal lights on the ground of Mars surface .In fact, “the traffic lights” is combination of four rocks superimposed on one pillars,three of which are larger and prominent.

      “The traffic signal light” is found at the foot of the SHARP mountain, however, NASA has not yet to make any comment on this latest discovery, not ruling out the possibility that this is the feature of civilization construction of aliens on the mars.

        Actually this is not the first time finding out the similar civilization traces on Mars, mysterious coffin shaped rock, Iguana fossil , traces of the great portrait, ancient coins, and golf ball...The all aroused people's curiosity about the Mars. Form ancient times, there is always enduring motivations for human being to think and explore the aliens.Human curiosity and thirst for knowledge is one important factor causing science growth, and let alone explore the alien.

Alien bbm led traffic lights

       Maybe aliens really exist? And the aliens also use our traffic lights?

  But where are the aliens?

       There are as many as four-hundred billion stars in our galaxy: the Milky Way. And there are more than one-hundred-and-seventy billion galaxies in the observable Universe. Most of those stars have planets, and many of those planets have got to contain useful minerals and fall within their star’s habitable zone where liquid water is present.The conditions for life are probably everywhere.

However, for so many years, why did not the alien contact with us?

Maybe we really are the only planet in the entire Universe to develop life. Maybe we’re the first civilization to reach this level of advancement in the entire galaxy. But with so many worlds out there, that really seems unlikely.

Maybe civilizations destroy themselves when they reach a certain point. Nuclear weapons, global warming, killer epidemics, and overpopulation could all end humanity. Asteroids could strike the planet and wipe us out. But would this happen to every single civilization? one-hundred-percent of them? Even if ninety-nine-percent of civilizations destroy themselves, we’d still have a couple that made it through and fully colonized the galaxy.

The sound wave is 20HZ to 3400Hk, and the sound frequency range in nature is not too wide. And we use relative high frequency for communication. If the communication frequency of an biological species s not overlapping with ours, we Will then not know their existence. Fro example an alien species use an extra low frequency to communicate, their frequency can be 0.1 HZ so that we have no way to sense it. Of course such a creature could be huge  and its communication distance might be comparatively far. Maybe some creatures use a very high frequency in communication, but their size is compratively small, the signals will be reduced soon.

        Or if we were to be a microcosm of the larger world, then we would be the atom and the electron in the world of others. And so on, our world may be a part of a lot of the world. But we don't see that level in itself. As if we were living in an electron, and their whole life, or from this race conscious, there is no history of the record and the atom and the atom and the world around the intersection.

         What if we human being exist just as Microscopic particles of a larger macroscopic word, in which we play the role of smallest particle as atom and the electron.By analogy, our world may be just a part of the multi-dimensional world.But we own has  limitation in perceiving the whole in our Microscopic level. Then, we existing in the electron level and they, even advanced life have never produce intersection since their race gives rise to consciousness.

       The universe is really large, and hidden infinite mysteries to be explored and discovered with greater intelligence by human being. Although the consequences of our encounter with alien which will cause the star wars or bring the vitality and the vigor to the earth, remains to be further explored, I still dreams that one day I will do business with alien and sell our traffic signal lights to them.And I created a new social discipline theory: interstellar economy and trade.


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