Every day there are a lot of cars through here, because there is no traffic lights

DUI danger we already know, but people still collars their lives at risk.

The day before yesterday afternoon, police tracked down Cixi drunk driving incident : a red light tens of seconds of time, DUI Ruanmou actually fell asleep, the sleep is 20 minutes , followed by speakers sound come and go , and he do not know.

Traffic light junction with cars not move the car, the car driver is sleeping

At 14:00 on September 20 about traffic police received a public warning Cixi , Cixi horizontal and Zhou West Highway Crossings , a driver sitting in the cab begun to snore . Traffic police squadron zhouxiang sent immediately after the alarm to the police .

Traffic police rushed to the intersection traffic lights and found a black business car occupied from east to west through lanes , red light turns green , the car still did not start driving, but the engine was open, in the parked state. The back of the car , waiting for the passage of cars lined up , loud speakers , car drivers seem to be ignored . Closer inspection , police found the car driver holding the steering wheel with both hands , people are asleep, snoring is cocked his head . Traffic police immediately beat the windows , the driver This sleepily opened his eyes , subconsciously rubbed his eyes and found that the traffic police to stand near the vehicle .

Men lower the window when a rich alcohol blowing, the traffic police take breath Alcohol Tester , after testing , the man blood alcohol content was 66mg/100ml, is drunk driving.

Traffic intersection control tone look , the driver has fallen asleep twenty minutes

Man surnamed Nguyen , Shangyu . That afternoon, he was invited by a friend to Cixi City, a hotel dinner Mid-Autumn Festival . During the evening, he Tuibeihuanzhan with friends , drank about half a catty of rice wine . Fond, out of the way he thinks is good drinker , then drive directly back Shangyu . Unexpectedly, this Jiujin up quite badly, the car along the horizontal line from east to west to Sunday when West Highway Crossings , just a red light , the car will be stopped.

Ruanmou not have expected to make their own is in the tens of seconds to wait for a red light , under the influence of alcohol , his eyes slightly closed, went to sleep until they were knocking on the window before police wake .

Intersection traffic tune to see surveillance video showed the same day 13:50 to 2:10 hours , this car has been dominated by black business car straight lane indifferent, then the vehicle have bypass and over. According to police estimates , the driver should sleep there for 20 minutes. Later , even the handling of the traffic police are scared : "If that happened in the car moving process, it is absolutely fatal . " Currently, Ruanmou imposed by the traffic police recorded 12 points , a fine of 1,000 yuan , temporarily driving license for 6 months punis


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