Low heat generation of led traffic light can be

 Compared with the traditional incandescent lamp, Led is easy to identify, energy saving and environmental protection, and has long 

service life, which is the ideal light source for traffic lights. Ultra bright LED replace incandescent lamps, generally applied to traffic signals, 

warning lights, which has been the mainstream trend. According to market research firm IHS latest estimates, 19% of the global traffic lights will be LED and turn to intelligent lighting in 2015.

Based on the global market demand for high quality LED traffic lights, a lot of companies like BBM technology Co., Ltd., which is specialized in LED traffic lights manufacturing emerge as the times require .

However ,during their following up after -sales service,BBM Technology Co., Ltd have learnt that in some countries and regions  in severely cold weather,once encountering  intense storm, due to the lower heat generation by the LED lamp, the led traffic lights blocked by snow and the snow doesn’t melt like it would with a regular incandescent bulb. In some cases, Drivers then can't  see the signals, which are prone to accidents.


How comes such a phenomenon?

Originally,the principle of LED light is converting the electricity to light directly,which is different from the traditional incandescent lamp using electricity to produce heat and then using heat to achieve light.And in consequence the heat generated by the LED lamp is lower than the traditional incandescent lamp. Such characteristics applied to transportation products should have been a big advantage,But in the case of snow covering led traffic signal lights a disadvantage.


The local government will dispatch relevant personnel to clear the snow covering traffic lights, but the effect is always limited, not to mention that the long -term manual way .However ,will that be sufficient to deny the advantages of  LED traffic lights?

Scientific figures show that the energy saving effect of LED lamp is higher than that of traditional incandescent lamp, and the service life of the former is ten years, the latter is only about one year. In addition that the maintenance and replacement cost can be reduced significantly. The advantage of high lighting effects, uniform illumination and Clear graphics indeed bring higher benefit to the non cold region.

What to do with the cold region where performance advantages of led traffic lights are negated?

low heat generation of led trafic lights can be

Technical staff of The BBM company are studying the issues below  and try to solve the problem .Perhaps through designing more scientific and powerful led traffic light visor which effectively achieve the snow’s not easy to adhesion and accumulation, can make low energy of led is no longer a disadvantage.

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