Pedestrian traffic light green cap doll will respond faster

Cuckold men believed to be a lot of nightmares. Probably for this reason, the German again studies have found that people 

wearing a hat doll responsive traffic lights, the proposed EU adoption.

This doll named Ampelmännchen traffic lights from the former East German traffic psychologist Karl Peglau, invented in 1961, 

from East and West Germany after the reunification of Germany, soon spread to major cities, including the capital Berlin. 

Researchers at the University of Bremen Jacob boob scholars recently recruited subjects, to show them something different 

traffic light symbol Germany, confirmed that the subjects of the traffic lights on the doll wearing a hat, respond more quickly.

Researchers suggested that the EU should seriously consider the Ampelmännchen applied to the whole of Europe, should 

also consider the validity of traditional signage. After Ampelmännchen popular since launch, Germany also launched its souvenirs, 

and even as far away as Japan, South Korea has its own boutiques.

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