To get further insight into the contradiction of the two traffic sign module department

  Marketing department of BBM traffic sign module held a meeting with the Production department last Saturdays , trying to resolve the intergroup contradiction in daily operations with positive attitude and further revise the system of responsibility distribution mechanism  and the way of taking on it.

      In BBM traffic sign , the main functional departments consist of Production department and Marketing department according to its given responsibilities . Production department is taking charge of product development and production plan of traffic sign light,etc ,while the Marketing department is responsible for business activity in the field of commodity circulation,such as advertising, market research ,sales staff training ,Product service,as well as sales-analysis of traffic sign light module. And at the moment the inter-functional conflicts mainly shows in three aspects.

  1.The conflict between orders and productivity.

  Sometimes,although Production department try their best to shorten delivery cycle of traffic sign module ,they still fail to satisfy client demand of delivery time,especially when they receive some urgent orders.They keep all the machinery fully operate and still cannot meet customers’ capacity demand of traffic sign light module, which will form the contradictory with Marketing department.

        Marketing department have tried everything to find the clients and got the order eventually.if they lose the deal just because Production department cannot guarantee delivery time of traffic sign light module, it will greatly discourage the sales.Marketing department start to complains constantly and insist that the delayed delivery is due to the slower producing progress of Production department,which will mar company's image.Meanwhile Production department feel particularly aggrieved as well,they consider the problems lies in order-taking of traffic sign light. They complain the Marketing department take their order without taking into account production rules,causing a accumulated backlog of orders.

  2.The conflict between dynamic and continuity.

  As uncertainty in traffic sign light module markets,Marketing department couldn’t predict effectively and exactly the long-term demand of traffic sign light module, sometimes making the predicted and actual amount has been much more varied.As a consequence of this ,scaled and mass production of the same model bringing low-cost and high efficiency will difficult to implement for Production department. That will affect the benefit of the Production department .

  3.the two department run on an autonomous track and are of mutual incomprehension

  As the direct performer of marketing concepts based on the consumers, Marketing department deal with the issue about traffic sign light module development and the traffic sign light module renovation rate from the consumers’ stand,aiming at adapting the company to changes in the Marketplace and improving the marketing effectiveness. So Marketing department hope the Production department produce traffic sign light module in accordance with consumers ‘demand and don't mind too much about manufacturing process.

  However,the changing quality and quantity of traffic sign light module will put great pressure on the production process for Production department,and may present a difficult challenge to perform tasks and drag down their performance. So Production department prefer to produce the simplest traffic sign light module .As for whether it would be good to sell ,in their opinion ,that’s  Marketing department’s business. Production department view product development and product innovation more from the perspective of enterprise’s existing technological forces and production capacity,which may lose market opportunity.

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