Traffic Light blind disturbed public access

"Every day there are a lot of cars through here, because there is no traffic lights, I always fear through this intersection, do not know exactly how to get there. " Hohhot public Chow reflected Bayannur located at the intersection of South and West Ordos traffic lights equipment damage nearly two weeks, I hope the relevant departments to promptly repair, avoid traffic safety problems from occurring.

Noon, the reporter came Bayannur intersection of South and West Ordos see the road south of the junction traffic lights have been damaged, the passage of vehicles crossing disorderly driving, there is a big security risk. Chow told reporters: "10 days ago I was driving through this intersection was found, where traffic lights broken, many vehicles pass through the intersection are disordered. September 19 afternoon, I drove by again seen here, traffic lights are still not repaired when I travel from north to south through the intersection when traveling from west to east and almost left turn vehicles occurred Guaceng Why after nearly two weeks, the traffic lights are not repaired? "

During the interview,the day driving through the people here have said, each time over the intersection of panic as an accident, I hope the relevant departments as soon as possible to where the lights repaired.

Reporters interviewed on the matter Yuquan District Traffic Control Battalion four squadrons West hole Gang CAI Yuan accounting instructor, he said:"

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