Will traffic countdown timer disappeared from public view?

  Scarcely stepped into the office early in the morning when I heard my colleagues candice said:. "My guys, let us

observed a two minute period of silence to honor the traffic countdown timer dead.


        I leaned over and find that they are talking about the morning news that traffic light countdown timer were

eliminated from Changchun with the introduction of Intelligence Traffic Sign Control System .


     Candice is good at collecting information from outside. She is so sensitive to the environment and industry news that

 any social dynamics will be captured by her for the first time .


       To achieve scientific and technological intelligent traffic signal management, Changchun has been at the forefront of 

the city. Changchun City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment and the relevant technical departments have

jointly developed the intelligent traffic signal control system. After a year of construction , the traffic light countdown timer in Changchun Renmin Street are gradually being removed. More convenient intelligent road traffic signal control system will be

put into use.


        But I still somewhat puzzled, would our company's traffic countdown timer be eliminated from the market in future?

Why intelligent traffic signal control system needs to remove the old countdown ?


      So I raised my doubts to our engineers Liu Sheng - our technology tycoon.Liu speak to me : "Not do not need a countdown, it is just because the new intelligent control system is not compatible with the old countdown timer."


     “the intelligent traffic signal control system, mainly through the paved streets of automatic test equipment achieves real-time detection of motor vehicle traffic flow data. The system according to traffic volume, is automated optimized and adjust the timing plan of the traffic lights in intersection .And strive to make the signal transformation more in line with the actual situation of traffic volume , in order to maximizing traffic capacity . Because each signal cycle is optimized  in real time by intelligent 

traffic signal control system, the length of last signal cycle may very different from the next, which causes the equal length of 

original traffic light countdown timer is not applicable . "


      After listening to the explanation of engineer Liu , I come to realized that what is eliminated is the old traffic products 

which can not adapt to intelligent traffic signal control system,but not traffic countdown timer .


         Traffic Countdown timer should move with the times and be upgrade by a new generation   .


      But for our traffic light industry enterprises,we also need to  keep Pace with the times.Technological innovation and

product innovation is the important symbol whether a enterprise is competitive and vitality or not, and it plays an important

role in the survival of the keen competition of market and in its development .


    Whenever new trends have threaten the existing profit model, we company will put in a lot of enthusiasm to make a

positive self-subversion.


   We not only paid a silent tribute to the old traffic countdown timer, but to ourselves in the past , while we will greet

emerging self by developing new products and technologies.

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