Custom led arrow sign board factory Manufacturer | BBM Traffic Light

Custom led arrow sign board factory Manufacturer | BBM Traffic Light

Replied on decade of experience in led arrow sign board production, BBM Traffic Light is widely recognized.
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  • Relying on advanced technology, excellent production capabilities, and perfect service, BBM Traffic Light takes the lead in the industry now and spreads our BBM Traffic Light all over the world. Together with our products, our services are also supplied to be the highest-level. led arrow sign board We will do our best to serve customers throughout the whole process from product design, R&D, to delivery. Welcome to contact us for further information about our new product led arrow sign board or our company.The design of our is commensurate with the rapidly-changing led arrow sign board market.

    Product Introduction

     Use outdoor all-weather chassis,Not restricted by working environment. 

     The system is controlled by a single chip microprocessor, and the modes are flexible and changeable. 

     Built-in DC switching power supply,Not limited by vehicle type(12V、24V). 

     Built-in high-speed PWM and External Light Detection,The brightness can be adjusted according to the environment.,And the light is mild and not dazzling. 

     The model cane change by LCD remote control ,It’s intuitive and concise when you want to change the model . 

     Using well-known manufacturer's lamp beads,So the brightness and service life of the guide arrow board are guaranteed.

    Technical Parameters

    About the Guide Arrow Board 

     Rated Voltage: AC/DC:10~30V 

     Rated Power: ≦10W 

     Insulation Grade: Grade A 

     Waterproof Grade: IP65 

     Working Temperature: -20℃~+70℃ 

     Relative Humidity: ≦95%,No condensation 

    About Remote Controller 

     Rated Voltage: 3PCS AAA Dry battery/USB Power Supply 

     Standby current: 40mA~100mA 

     Insulation Grade: Grade A 

     Working Temperature: -20℃~+70℃ 

     Relative Humidity: ≦95%,No condensation

    System Framework Diagram

    Dimension Figure

    Position of Main Parts

    How to Safe Use and Simple Fault Handling

     The equipment should be installed and fixed reliably, and the leakage hole should be kept downward. 

     The power supply of the equipment should be firmly connected, so as to avoid the contact point heating caused by unreliable connection and affecting the use of the equipment. 

     Please do not exceed the rated voltage for equipment power supply. If you need other power supply voltage, please contact the supplier. 

     Please turn off the power switch when the equipment is not in use for a long time. There will be a little power consumption when the remote control is turned off. 

     If the remote control is not used for a long time, please remove the internal dry battery, so as not to damage the remote control due to battery leakage. 

     Clean up the dust of the luminous part and the light-controlled part regularly, so as not to affect the normal use effect.

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